Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Brewing Up New Ideas

Calming? Not exactly.

NOTE: Don't be deceived by the tranquil pink tea in my cup. It's Angel Falls Mist tea, which inspired the revered tisane Serena brewed just before her epic clash with *unnamed villain* in Queen.

[Post Begins]
This evening, I completed the first draft of book one in The Forsaken Empire series. Finally! Celebrate with me!

It's been an unexpectedly tough write--one of my longest ever--and I'm counting on considerable trimming and polishing during my second draft. The manuscript currently measures a hefty 133,358 words. Yes, it's a new personal record that deserves to be shaved down to a manageable size.But I'm pausing for tea and a day off.

To allow ideas to brew.

Not only do I need to think through the cuts and revisions I've been pondering, but I need to consider a possible prequel novella that sneaked into my dreams just before I woke up two days ago.

Do I seriously want to take on a novella in the midst of a new series? Would you?
Hence the tea and a day off.