Monday, September 19, 2011

At times, dealing with R. J. Larson’s irrational love of weapons, Biblical intrigue, and epic fantasy beasts is enough to send me screaming from the house. The problem is that R. J. accompanies me. Thinking aloud—the wretch. Running is, therefore, useless. It’s better and safer to sit at home and ponder this dilemma in comfort.

How do I avenge myself?

By reading as R. J. writes. And offering suggestions. “THAT needs jewelry.” “Her clothes are pink—you know they are.” “Palace? Really? What does it look like inside???? Put some gilding on that door!!!!” Or my Kacy-fave, “Eew! Look at the mess you made! Time for a bath/stitches/shave/clean clothes/apology.” Yes, apology. Oh, and I often suggest some fancy trinket to adorn those clean clothes. *R. J. rolls eyes.*

To deal with my Kacyish love of glitz, R. J. sends me off to research shiny details. Yep! I can deal with that!!!!  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mindsharing. It's not for the faint-hearted! 

Allowing R. J. Larson to share my thought-space is proving to be a test of courage. Swords, daggers, and the formidable, world-shaking Infinite are crowding out my Kacyish fondness for the color pink and cute shoes. Worse, ambushes of Scalns and other fantasy beasts are cropping up with alarming regularity as the Books of the Infinite series progresses.

Scalns. Seriously? Where did scalns come from? R. J. LOVES the beasts. Kacy wants to send them back to wherever they came from and seal the door forever! *Glares at R. J.*

You’d think we were raised with a pack of rowdy hunters who discussed wild animals and epic weapons throughout our childhood.

Oh. Wait. We were. And here’s a scaln to prove it—drawn by artist-extraordinaire, Katharin Fiscaletti.

Is there any hope that Kacy might tame R. J.'s thought processes? Hm.
To be continued....