Monday, September 24, 2012

While I'm pondering my next blog post, Dear Reader, it occurred to me that I haven't fulfilled a pledge to post a vocab list for my series. As promised, here it is...the Character List for JUDGE. Enjoy!

In order of name’s appearance:

Kien Lantec \Kee-en Lan-tek\ Military judge-advocate for the Tracelands.
ToronSea \Tor-on-Sea, or, Tor-on-Sea\ Southern coastal town in the Tracelands.
Ela Roeh \El-ah Roe-eh\ Prophet of Parne.
Ara Lantec \Are-ah Lan-tek\ Rade Lantec’s wife. Kien’s mother.
Scythe \ Sīth\Long 'I'\ A destroyer. Kien and Ela’s monster-warhorse.
General Rol \Rawl\ The Traceland’s General of the Army.
Tamri Het \Tam-ree Het\ Citizen of Munra, Siphra.
Tzana Roeh \Tsaw-nah Roe-eh\ Ela’s sister.
Beka Thel \Bek-ah Thell\ Jon Thel’s wife. Kien’s sister.
Belaal \Bell-A-el\ Kingdom south of Siphra.
Agocii \Ah-goss-ee\ Mountain tribes bordering Belaal.
Eosyths \E-o-siths\ Mountain tribes south of Parne.
Jon Thel \Jon Thell\ A Tracelands military commander. Beka’s husband.
Rade Lantec \Raid Lan-tek\ Kien’s father. The Tracelands preeminent statesman.
Ruestock \Roo-stock\ Exiled former Siphran ambassador to the Tracelands.
Tsir Aun \Sir Awn\ Istgard’s prime minister. Tek Lara’s husband.
Tek Lara \Tek Lar-ah\ A cousin to the deceased king of Istgard.
Bel-Tygeon \Bell-Ty-jee-on\ King of Belaal.
Akabe Garric \Ah-cabe Gair-rick\ Former Siphran rebel. The Infinite’s chosen king of Siphra.
Adar-iyr \Ad-are-eer\ Island kingdom off the coast of Siphra.
Sius Chacen \See-es Chase-en\ Eldest son of Parne’s deposed chief priest, Zade Chacen.
Zade Chacen \Zaid Chase-en\ Parne’s deposed chief priest.
Dan Roeh \Dan Roe-eh\ Ela’s father.
Kalme Roeh \Call-may Roe-eh\ Ela’s mother.
Ninus \Nine-es\ King of the island-city, Adar-iyr.
Za’af Chacen \Zay-aff Chase-en\ Second son of Parne’s deposed chief priest Zade Chacen.
Ishvah Nesac \Ish-vaw Ness-ak\ The Infinite’s chosen chief priest of Parne.
Siyrsun \Seer-sun\ Belaal’s General of the Army.

Now.... Don your cloaks, say a prayer, and follow Kien....