Tuesday, August 14, 2007

As an avid reader rapidly approaching the bifocal age, I’m delighted to announce book 1 in The Genesis Trilogy, THE HEAVENS BEFORE, is now available in large-print, hardcover. Thorndike Press has given my “baby” a makeover and I’m enjoying the new look. Let me know what you think! Blessings, Kacy Barnett-Gramckow

P.S. Interested in a sample read? Here’s the Prologue:

The Heavens Before

The ancient tree of Havah stood in solitary splendor in a vast field, its pale green-leafed branches drooping softly, curtainlike, inviting passersby to come rest in the shade. It was said that Havah, Mother of All, had planted the tree after the untimely death of her favorite son, Hebel. The tree was not meant as a memorial to Hebel, but as a tranquil place where Havah might sit with her surviving children and nurture them through the remaining ages of her life.
If Havah had planted the tree herself or if she had not, it no longer mattered. For Havah and her children had passed into legend. Most people now doubted that Havah had ever lived. But the doubters were the ones who did not sit beneath the tree or climb its massive branches and listen to its leaves sighing in the quiet breeze beneath the rose-colored sky.
The doubters were also the ones who failed to recognize the countless signs about them, the marks of a young planet still resounding with the echoes of its creation. But the echoes themselves were becoming more discordant with each passing day. For the doubters were consuming the world with their own restlessness and destroying it with the violence of their desires.