Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The 2013 Summer Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt is coming!

Ready for some online fun and free books, and a pre-loaded iPad mini?

May 17th-May 19th!

31 Christian Fiction authors are contributing New summer reads for every member of your family!

YA Fantasy

They're all here...

Our prizes:
~~Grand Prize winner will receive an iPad Mini with all 31 e-books pre-loaded!

~~TWO runners-up will receive all 31 books in paperback and...you'll find troves of prizes as you hunt!




For the full scoop, click HERE! 

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

KING Vocabulary List

Now that King is on its way to the printing presses--well ahead of deadline--it's time to add to the Books of the Infinite vocabulary list. Here it is, the list for King, Books of the Infinite series, volume 3!

Have fun, everyone. :)

In order of name’s appearance:

Akabe Garric \Ah-cabe Gair-rick\ Former Siphran rebel. The Infinite’s chosen king of Siphra.
Barth of Siymont \Barth See-mont\ Royal page and son of Lord Ruis of Siymont.
Ela Roeh \El-ah Roe-eh\ Prophet of the vanquished city-state of Parne.
Ruis of Siymont \Roo-es See-mont\ A lord of Siphra. Father of Barth.
Belaal \Bell-A-el\ Kingdom south of Siphra.
Tamri Het \Tam-ree Het\ Former Siphran revolutionary, and one of Ela’s chaperones.
Cyan Thaenfall \Sigh-an Thane-fall\ Siphran lord and suspected Atean. Caitria’s father.
Kien Lantec \Kee-en Lan-tek\ Military judge-advocate for the Tracelands.
Aeyrievale \air-ee-veil, or, eer-ee-veil\ Former rebel Siphran province in the Snake Mountains.
Ishvah Nesac \Ish-vaw Ness-ak\ The Infinite’s chief priest of the vanquished city-state of Parne.
Dan Roeh \Dan Roe-eh\ Ela’s father.
Rade Lantec \Raid Lan-tek\ Kien’s father. The Tracelands preeminent statesman.
General Rol \Rawl\ The Traceland’s General of the Army.
Kalme Roeh \Call-may Roe-eh\ Ela’s mother.
Ara Lantec \Are-ah Lan-tek\ Rade Lantec’s wife. Kien’s mother.
Beka Thel \Bek-ah Thell\ Jon Thel’s wife. Kien’s sister.
Jon Thel \Jon Thell\ A Tracelands military commander. Beka’s husband.
ToronSea \Tor-on-Sea, or, Tor-on-Sea\ Southern coastal town in the Tracelands.
Riddig Tyne\Rid-ig Tine\ Akabe’s field surgeon.
Ruestock \Roo-stock\ Exiled former Siphran ambassador to the Tracelands.
Caitria Thaenfall \Kay-tree-ah Thane-fall\ Daughter of Cyan Thaenfall.
Bel-Tygeon \Bell-Ty-jee-on\ King of Belaal.
Rtial Vioc \Reh-tee-al Vee-oak\ A commander of Belaal.
Dasarai \Da-Sar-ay\ Princess of Belaal. Sovereign of Sulaanc’s Women’s Palace.
Siyrsun \Seer-sun\ Belaal’s General of the Army.
Tzana Roeh \Tsaw-nah Roe-eh\ Ela’s sister.