Monday, November 30, 2015

Shameless Plug for Curio promotion

In 2010, while I was writing Prophet, I joined a critique group led by a dear friend, the amazing Donita K. Paul, author of Dragonspell. Donita's daughter, Evangeline Denmark, also joined the group and shared an unpublished manuscript she was working on. Evangeline's skill with words and her vivid imagination instantly drew me into her story, and I knew that soon a wise editor would read Evangeline's work and snatch up her stories for some lucky publisher.

"Soon" in the publishing world takes a while, but at last the time is near! Evangeline's book, Curio, will hit the shelves in January and I'm reading it now. (Yes!) Curio is a steampunk-inspired mixture of whimsy and menace guaranteed to lure YA readers into Evangeline's intricately fashioned fantasy storyline.

To celebrate, Evangeline's publisher, Blink, is offering a set of 3 charms with each pre-published purchase. If you've been eyeing this book, now is the time to buy!

Here are the details:

And don't forget to snatch a free e-copy of Evangeline's Mark of Blood and Alchemy, the prequel to Curio!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Dreaming while writing

While I'm finally writing my beloved 1890's historical (as Kacy Barnett-Gramckow) I'm already dreaming of future projects. Is it too soon to allow my thoughts to stray toward future castles in the clouds? Hopefully not!

This dreamstate is the most creative point in my writing process. All potential "What-if"s are still on the table, and everything, everything is possible. I'm not yet getting the full picture, nor am I seeing my characters in their personal realm. However, I am glimpsing their realm, and right now, it's lovely.

 Yet even in this hazy sunlit dream, I'm studying those shadows ... the dark places within and perhaps beneath the waters of that castle. What secrets might dwell there? I'm eager to explore this new realm and find out, in due time.

Right now, I'm just enjoying this potential story in its unformed dreamstate. Even as I'm telling myself, "Enough! Get back to work. Write."

Blessings, Dear Everyone!


R. J. and Kacy

Image: Shutterstock