Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MindSharing Dilemma

Three years ago, when I began to write as R. J. Larson, I promised myself that I would return to the beloved 1890's historical I set aside when the whirlwind story of Prophet swept into my life, complete with a contract and deadlines. Now is the time. However, I've become smitten with two new Biblical Fantasy characters, both inspired by the Scriptures, and both rarely, perhaps never before told--which I hope to unfold in one novella set within the Infinite realm.
I'm now wondering: Can I write two books simultaneously?

I'm planning to try.  If not, I'll be forced to choose, and it's like deciding between my own kids, which can't be done. Wish me blessings, Dear Everyone!


Let the MindSharing begin!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

The Pharoah's Daughter

Getting caught up after a hectic winter--sorry for the delay, dear Everyone!

Have you seen Mesu Andrew's latest release? Behind this stunning cover--one of my all-time faves!--is the amazing story of Anippe, the adoptive mother of Moses.

To celebrate, Mesu Andrews has offered a copy for a giveaway! Interested? Leave a comment below, or on R. J. Larson's Facebook page.. No strings attached, just fun, and a truly absorbing read.

Blessings and enjoy!

"Inspired by the Scriptures, Mesu Andrews brings the ancient world to glowing life!"

R. J. Larson, author of Prophet.