Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Dream Comes True!
J. M. Hochstetler has been working almost non-stop since 2006, bringing her dream to life: Sheaf House Publishers. J. M., also known as Joan, has kept a written diary of her Sheaf House journey. You’ll find all her musings and business notes on her blog at:

For the past two years, I’ve been checking on Joan’s progress, praying for her dream and marveling at her gumption. (Okay, okay . . . if you don’t like the word “gumption” then I’ll change it, dear readers, as soon as one of you can offer a word which merges down-to-earth practicality with true courage and sincere faith. :) Joan’s first Sheaf House publication is ONE HOLY NIGHT: A Contemporary Miracle Story.

I was delighted when Joan contacted me and asked if I would read One Holy Night, which depicts a family in crisis during the Vietnam years. The family’s father, Frank McRae, has unwillingly bid farewell to his only son, Mike, who is heading off to the war. Memories of WWII still haunt Frank, and a series of devastating losses only add to his deep-set bitterness and his resentment toward God. One Holy Night is poignant and amazingly relevant, as we are daily reminded of the controversy and the battles our soldiers are facing in Iraq and Afghanistan. I rarely cry when reading books, but one scene—can’t reveal it because it’s near the end—moved me to tears. Grab your hankies when you curl up with this one! Blessings, k.