Friday, January 06, 2017

Setting a Mood

Decisions, decisions.

I'm almost to the halfway point in the first draft of Legends of the Forsaken Empire, and as I've been working today, I've been toying with the current scene's mood. Right now, the characters are regathering after a period of considerable turmoil and some serious soul-searching. There's chaos and heartache ahead. After all, this is a fantasy-realm family saga inspired by actual events from our own history during the high-middle ages--an era that isn't exactly known for endless frivolity.

Now is the time to make sweeping changes in characterizations and mood. But do I really want to change the story's mood when it's so close to the truth? Should I merely soften the edges a bit while my characters are sharpening their swords? Perhaps bring in a few characters akin to Shakespeare's clowns? Perhaps. Or should I fear that the clowns might suffer tragic fates, being so near to the chaos that's about to unfold?  Do we want the clowns to endure the chaos as well?

Lots to ponder, which is the perfect excuse to procrastinate and let the characters take the reins and drive the story within its preset boundaries.

Blessings, and rest!

I'm returning to the story to study those characters again.

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