Saturday, May 09, 2015

Queen and DownFallen News!

News! Elk Lake has released QUEEN! 

 Yes, my baby has been sent out into the world, and I'm delighted.
Celebrating with chocolates and tea--not in that order. ;)

To preserve the book's formatting, Elk Lake is offering Queen in ebook for all Kindle Fire tablets, and all Kindle apps for PCs and portable electronic devices. The paperback is also available, and audio versions are being discussed! I'm hoping for a "standard" version of Queen compatible with
older Kindles like my beloved non-backlit model, but we shall see.

I hope you enjoy Serena's story, inspired by Esther and another epic heroine from the scriptures. No spoilers!

And...we have a cover for DownFallen! At last, my adventuresome antihero has its official "Face"! I'm not sure if the battle-worn protagonist on the cover is the renegade nobleman from Exiles, Corban Thaenfall, or our hunted and haunted royal, Matteo of Darzeq. Either way, I'm pleased with the new look and hope you'll follow Corban, Matteo, and Matteo's valiant cousin Anji into the Realms of the Infinite!

Sample chapters from Queen are available through Amazon and DownFallen, Chapter 1, is now in pdf form HERE.  Gather your weapons, Dear Everyone, and follow Corban, Matteo, and Anji!


s.m. b. said...

are you offering any review copies?

RJLarsonbooks said...

Hi, S.M.B!
Good timing! Elk Lake is offering review copies of Queen tomorrow night during the Book Fun chat time:

If you're a member, you'll just log in and join the live chat; they conduct drawings throughout the chat! Thanks for asking. :)