Wednesday, April 03, 2013

KING Vocabulary List

Now that King is on its way to the printing presses--well ahead of deadline--it's time to add to the Books of the Infinite vocabulary list. Here it is, the list for King, Books of the Infinite series, volume 3!

Have fun, everyone. :)

In order of name’s appearance:

Akabe Garric \Ah-cabe Gair-rick\ Former Siphran rebel. The Infinite’s chosen king of Siphra.
Barth of Siymont \Barth See-mont\ Royal page and son of Lord Ruis of Siymont.
Ela Roeh \El-ah Roe-eh\ Prophet of the vanquished city-state of Parne.
Ruis of Siymont \Roo-es See-mont\ A lord of Siphra. Father of Barth.
Belaal \Bell-A-el\ Kingdom south of Siphra.
Tamri Het \Tam-ree Het\ Former Siphran revolutionary, and one of Ela’s chaperones.
Cyan Thaenfall \Sigh-an Thane-fall\ Siphran lord and suspected Atean. Caitria’s father.
Kien Lantec \Kee-en Lan-tek\ Military judge-advocate for the Tracelands.
Aeyrievale \air-ee-veil, or, eer-ee-veil\ Former rebel Siphran province in the Snake Mountains.
Ishvah Nesac \Ish-vaw Ness-ak\ The Infinite’s chief priest of the vanquished city-state of Parne.
Dan Roeh \Dan Roe-eh\ Ela’s father.
Rade Lantec \Raid Lan-tek\ Kien’s father. The Tracelands preeminent statesman.
General Rol \Rawl\ The Traceland’s General of the Army.
Kalme Roeh \Call-may Roe-eh\ Ela’s mother.
Ara Lantec \Are-ah Lan-tek\ Rade Lantec’s wife. Kien’s mother.
Beka Thel \Bek-ah Thell\ Jon Thel’s wife. Kien’s sister.
Jon Thel \Jon Thell\ A Tracelands military commander. Beka’s husband.
ToronSea \Tor-on-Sea, or, Tor-on-Sea\ Southern coastal town in the Tracelands.
Riddig Tyne\Rid-ig Tine\ Akabe’s field surgeon.
Ruestock \Roo-stock\ Exiled former Siphran ambassador to the Tracelands.
Caitria Thaenfall \Kay-tree-ah Thane-fall\ Daughter of Cyan Thaenfall.
Bel-Tygeon \Bell-Ty-jee-on\ King of Belaal.
Rtial Vioc \Reh-tee-al Vee-oak\ A commander of Belaal.
Dasarai \Da-Sar-ay\ Princess of Belaal. Sovereign of Sulaanc’s Women’s Palace.
Siyrsun \Seer-sun\ Belaal’s General of the Army.
Tzana Roeh \Tsaw-nah Roe-eh\ Ela’s sister.


J Keith said...

I am so looking forward to reading this book!

R. J. Larson said...

J Keith, thanks!!! The work is done, but I'm missing these characters; they've been fun! *sigh*