Monday, August 06, 2012

It's true. I've posted nothing new since March.
"Why not?" you ask.
Becaauuuuse I've been sick since May, which is about the time guilt would have driven me to post new content. (Yes, I'm partial to my lifelong guilt-complex. Deserved or not, guilt is a great self-motivator.)

Now, before you start tapping your foot or offering the name of a wise and trusted mental health counselor, I DO have a bit of news!

PROPHET will be free on all e-readers (Nook, Kindle, Sony, all those lovely e-formats!) on August 14th, 2012. Yes, dear everyone, for 24-hours--one full day--Bethany House Publishers is allowing me to whoop it up and tell all my friends that they can read Ela's story for FREEEEEE!!!!!

Okay, that was enough excitement for one day. And, yes, I'm still sick. My traditional bout of springtime allergies has chosen to stay with me through the summer and blossom into sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis.

I had no idea I was such wonderful company. *Sniffs.*

But fear not! I AM following doctors' orders and recovery is in sight.

Which means I'll be pestering you more often!
Now, however, I must return to proof-reading the final galley of JUDGE, which is due to hit stores on November 1, 2012.

Cough or no cough, energy or no energy, the work continues!!!

Blessings, dear everyone.
And if you have any sore throat remedies, I'll be taking notes.
Right now, I'm certain that hot chocolate with whipped cream does work as a soothing remedy. :)


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