Monday, May 30, 2011

Has it really been YEARS since I’ve posted to this blog, with the exception of a few tame tweets? Oh. My.

Dear readers, make no mistake, I’ve always loved my blog. Life and writing, however, have crowded out precious blogging time—despite my resolutions to post. I pledge to improve. For pity’s sake, even posting once a year would be an improvement! :D

Forgive me, please.

So why am I revisiting this site and dusting it off? Because…I have news.
I’ve signed with Bethany House Publishers to write YA Biblical fantasy fiction! In other words Illuminating the WORD in unexpected, adventuresome, joyful ways. Want a hint? Here it is: If she becomes the Infinite’s prophet, Ela of Parne knows she will die young—yet she cannot imagine living without Him.

The series title is Books of the Infinite.
Book one, PROPHET, is due to hit store shelves and internet sites in Spring 2012! There’s more I could share, but that will be another spot on the blog. An unforeseen twist in my scribe-path.

Until then, dear friends, Blessings!


beka said...

i seriously cannot WAIT to read those books!
hey, this is great; i didn't know you had a blog. :)

Kacy Barnett-Gramckow said...

Thanks, Beka~~fun to see you here!
Now, seeing your pic, I want another cup of coffee!!!

Part of the reason I quit posting for so long was that my artist-friend, Pat, was struggling with breast cancer. When she died, it made me too sad to return to the blog. Many of my posts were linked to her work. Now, however, she's painting in paradise, bright soul!

Hope you have a wonderful day, Beka!
Hugs to the family :D