Monday, February 19, 2007

While the focus of my blog is—and will continue to be—crafting and reading fiction that illuminates the Word, from time to time I will feature books that have inspired me during my daily journey. One such book is Debbie Adebayo’s Becoming Marriage Material. Debbie Adebayo is the founder and radio voice of The Ministry of Singles Pleasing The Lord. Check out her site:

Becoming Marriage Material asks readers to confront themselves honestly and to reform their lives from the inside out until they become a partner pleasing to the Lord and to that special future spouse. Debbie Adebayo also illustrates her chapters with revelations of her own heartbreaking mistakes that are painful and ultimately moving as she refines herself with a fierce determination to learn from her past.

Though I am definitely a married believer (we’re talking 26+ years here) I found Becoming Marriage Material to be an uplifting narrative that will surely inspire singles, from adolescence on up, to face their life-situations with hope.

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