Monday, November 16, 2015

Dreaming while writing

While I'm finally writing my beloved 1890's historical (as Kacy Barnett-Gramckow) I'm already dreaming of future projects. Is it too soon to allow my thoughts to stray toward future castles in the clouds? Hopefully not!

This dreamstate is the most creative point in my writing process. All potential "What-if"s are still on the table, and everything, everything is possible. I'm not yet getting the full picture, nor am I seeing my characters in their personal realm. However, I am glimpsing their realm, and right now, it's lovely.

 Yet even in this hazy sunlit dream, I'm studying those shadows ... the dark places within and perhaps beneath the waters of that castle. What secrets might dwell there? I'm eager to explore this new realm and find out, in due time.

Right now, I'm just enjoying this potential story in its unformed dreamstate. Even as I'm telling myself, "Enough! Get back to work. Write."

Blessings, Dear Everyone!


R. J. and Kacy

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Jill Stengl said...

Hello Kacy,
I'm excited to hear that you're writing a historical set in 1890! The sky is the limit, eh? I look forward to hearing about your world and characters once they've taken shape.

I know what you mean about that dream stage. Problem with me is that I stay in it too long, get distracted by other things, and never seem to start actually writing.
But I am determined to work on my outline tonight. So here I go. :-)
Happy dreaming while writing!

RJLarsonbooks said...

Hi, Jill! Thank you! Yes, I'm finally getting back into the swing of a more modern setting compared to the Biblical and the R. J. Larson fantasy realms. On every page, I'm finding things I want to research, so it hasn't been speedy, but I'm sure I'll pick up speed as I go.

YAY! Finish that outline, Jill!!!!